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Message From EXILE
◆from Naoki Kobayashi
I feel very happy when I knew TAKAHIRO got married.

I am very sorry that this sudden announcement may bring troubles to people who always support us, related people and staff members who support and help us every day.

I think he may have suffered a lot after he made this announcement. However, I will support the decision made by TAKAHIRO who is of the same age with me. I think the most important thing now is to welcome this piece of happy news and say "Congratulations!” to him.

While new important people and family are being added to his life, I think he will present more wonderful singing full of love.
As a member from the same group with him, I will accept his decision. I will keep on doing my best to create better works with him and to make EXILE an important group for you.

Please support us in the future.

Naoki Kobayashi