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Message From EXILE
â—†from Sekai
This is Sekai!

Thanks for your warm support all along!
It's September now!

TAKAHIRO and Emi Takei
Congratulations on your marriage

TAKAHIRO is very frank and sincere when he stays together with us and we can learn a lot from this gentle and interesting man during live shows. He is a great man!
I felt very warm when I knew from TAKAHIRO directly that he would get married.

With the resolution of TAKAHIRO who has been very active as EXILE during these 11 years, we want to present a better EXILE to our fans through our performances!
I am looking forward to the coming of that day!


EXILE will come back in the next year! To present better entertainment to you!
To make ATSUSHI's and TAKAHIRO's singing more powerful!

I will keep on making progress as a member of EXILE and present wonderful performances to you.
Please support me in the future!