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Message From EXILE
◆from Takanori Iwata
It is already the beginning of autumn.

Well, September has come and Sandaime's rehearsals for UNKNOWN METROPOLIZ are also coming to the final stage!!

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you who always support us!

In addition, there was announcement about TAKAHIRO and Emi Takei’s marriage a few days ago.

TAKAHIRO called to tell me this news prior to the announcement. As a member of the same group and as his friend I am very happy for him!!

TAKAHIRO is a kind and bright just like the sun. He leads the group with his manly spirit. I understand the meaning of his firm determination and resolution because we are on the same team, so I will fully support TAKAHIRO who has been helping me a lot all along. Some fans may feel surprised and worried by this sudden news. To repay for your support, I will do my best and put even more spirit into my work.

EXILE will make a comeback next year. I am looking forward to performing again with TAKAHIRO who will become manlier and stronger after starting a family!!

It is already a second half of the year. I will try my best to present enjoyable activities to you!!

Look forward to it!

Takanori Iwata