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Message From EXILE
â—†from Toshio Matsumoto
Thank you for your warm support to EXILE
all along.

It was announced several days ago that
TAKAHIRO and Emi Takei got married.
Before the announcement,
TAKAHIRO told me directly
about this news.
I was surprised at first.
Now I am really happy that
one of our members
got married and
his baby will be born soon!

A lot of people were surprised by
such a sudden announcement.
As a member of the same group, I am very sorry for that.
But I hope that
you could warmly support
TAKAHIRO's sincere feelings.

I sincerely wish TAKAHIRO
who shares the same dream with me
and with whom I worked hard together and
Emi Takei who starts a new life with him
a happy marriage!

To let them help each other,
improve each other
and make everybody
support their future activities as always,
I will support them
as a member of the same group!

And I also pray that
their baby
will arrive
safe and healthy!

Congratulations to them!!