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Message From EXILE
It's September now and we have already entered the latter half of this year!!

Personally, I am full of expectations now because Sandaime's UNKNOWN METROPOLIZ will start soon!
I am looking forward to meeting people who always support us!!

It was announced several days ago that TAKAHIRO got married to Emi Takei!
As a member on the same group, I am filled with sincere blessings to them!

This piece of sudden news probably surprised you and you may have a mixed feelings.
I spent many years with TAKAHIRO and we always stood on stage together. I am sure that after making such a decision and by becoming a father and taking responsibility TAKAHIRO's power will be doubled from now on! I think TAKAHIRO is such a kind of man!

Some people may think about what kind of group EXILE will become after his marriage. EXILE will restart the activities next year and all the members will unite as one to present you wonderful performances!!!!

I am looking forward to performing again as a member of EXILE!

There are still some months left before the end of 2017. Please be sure to take care of yourselves!