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Message From EXILE
Good evening!

September arrived.

DEP performed at the 25th Anniversary Sunset Live which was held in Itoshima, Fukuoka yesterday!

The collaboration with Rhymester's mummy-D, Leola and DOBERMAN INFINITY turned out to be an amazing live show full of DEP style!

It was a wonderful festival and I was touched. We have always wanted to perform on a festival which is perfect in every aspect including location, performers and music. I am so happy because my dream came true!

Moreover, speaking of happy things, I heard great news from EXILE TAKAHIRO! He and Emi Takei are married and they will have a baby. I am so happy for them!

As a vocalist, as a man, as the mainstay of your family, please build a lasting happy and loving family! Congratulations to you!

EXILE will start carrying out activities again next year. We will firm our belief and do our best to move forward. Please stay tuned! (^o^)v