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Message From EXILE
EXILE celebrated its 16th anniversary
several days ago
on September 27!

16 years have passed
and we have entered our 17th year!

During the past 16 long years,
we were forging ahead without stopping.

And now we are still
pursuing our dreams
together with a lot of people.

We owe this to
the enthusiastic support from every fan
who likes EXILE
since our debut

and who are a part of our life!

Being an artist for 16 years,
again I feel
the significance and importance of
winning support from
people of all ages.

Those who were students 16 years ago
might be married
and have children now.

those who were in their 30s and 40s,
same age as me now, when we debuted might have grandchildren now.
There are cases where three generations of a family all support us!

What's more,
we are a big group
that is popular among
elementary school students and middle school students
who are the new generation.

I think
it is rare
to have a group like us
supported by
many people of all ages
in this era.

With such a thoughts
I want to give
courage and hope
to more people
through EXILE's entertainment.

I also want to give you power
through our songs
and dance performances.
I feel confident and enthusiastic about it!

EXILE will start its activities again
in 2018.

To let you enjoy
EXILE's new

every member will improve their performance skills.

To increase our group cohesion

and present the one and only monster group
to everyone,
I will make progress every day
with pride and honor
in my heart.

In order to
make EXILE a group that
you feel close to
in your life,

I will do
my very best!