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Message From EXILE
I want to apologize to my constant supporters who were surprised by the sudden news. Actually, I myself was surprised to see a picture from four years ago used in this news. And here is the truth. I will be very honest. I really had been dating her... However, about 2 years ago when I told her my decision to study abroad, we decided to end this relationship and go our own ways. Why this story from the past has suddenly surfaced now?! I am very puzzled... I am really sorry for surprising you. I will for a while still be on the "celebrating as a guest for a wedding" side. (LOL) I have no plans currently of "being celebrated" yet. I have not found that person!!

Currently, I am preparing for EXILE's return in the next year. I feel the encouragement of people who have been waiting for us and it turned into such passion, enthusiasm and motivation. Our preparations are ongoing steadily!! I hope you will look forward to our next year's activities. I will be full of gratitude and happiness if you do so.

Lastly, let me say one more thing... This girl is an ordinary person. I am quite uneasy and feel responsible once I think that it was me who got her involved in all this caused by the relationships that ended 2 years ago. I sincerely hope that you can respect her privacy and do not disturb her in the future.

Love gossip of a 37-year-old man with sunglasses... It is not fun at all, so let's stop it. (LOL)
From today on, I will change my focus and work hard in order to create positive topics.
Thanks for your constant support. Also, I hope you can give me warm support as always.