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Message From EXILE
Hi everyone♪ It's ÜSA♪

As October comes, the fall breeze starts blowing!

Speaking of October, DANCE EARTH FESTIVAL'17 is coming soon!

At present, we are busy with the preparation for the live show and the venue♪
All the members and staff are trying our best in order to present you a pleasant and enjoyable show!

I hope the weather will be fine this year as well☆

Moreover, a few days ago,
the EXILE members held a dance class, an exclusive project for fan club members for the winners of "Anatano Yumewo Kanaemasu!!” - "I want the members to teach me how to dance!" who were chosen from the EX FAMILY members!

Many participants might have no dancing experience, but all of them learnt so quickly that I even taught them the song beyond my teaching plan. LOL

I was really happy to teach our fans face to face and it was great to share the happiness of dancing together with them. I want to do it again☆
The photos will be uploaded to my blog♪

Recently, we had a meeting on EXILE's future plans. Everybody is full of aspiration now!!

Please stay tuned☆