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Message From EXILE
ÜSA made an announcement that
he got married!

Looking back,

it was ÜSA

who called out to me,
recruited me and gave me the chance to join EXILE

when I first came to Tokyo

and did not know what to do
15 years ago!!

He was by my side every day
and taught me
everything about
EXILE's style.

He was always gentle,
but sometimes strict.
He raised me!!

He always sacrificed
his own time
for junior members and his friends.

ÜSA cherished the moments
when he could deepen the friendship between him and his friends.

I can have today's achievements
because of him!

I am so indebted
to him

that I cannot
thank him enough!

whom I respect so much

met his loved one
and opened a new path.
I am so happy for him
as if I was experiencing the happy event myself!!

For our group and
for his friends,
ÜSA has been moving forward
till today.

In the future,
while chasing his dreams,

he also has to build a family
and bring the happiness to his loved ones.

I hope that he will be happy

as such a man.

I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!!

please keep on supporting
in the future!