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Message From EXILE
◆from Alan Shirahama
It was announced today that
ÜSA had been married!!

Congratulations on his marriage!

ÜSA is one of the original members of EXILE
and built the foundation for it.
After retiring from EXILE's performer team,
he carries out activities as a member of DANCE EARTH PARTY
and keeps making EXILE known to more people from all aspects.
He participates in activities as a performer again.
I do greatly respect him!

ÜSA is well grounded in
dancing skills.
His original dance moves
delight viewers.
I hope I can present dance performances that can delight people like ÜSA does!!

Our members also talked about our expectation towards
collaborating songs with DANCE EARTH one day. I will be really happy if it can come true!

I really look forward to
the harmonious and happy family built by ÜSA.

I feel delighted as well
when I see ÜSA is surrounded by happiness.

Sincere congratulations to ÜSA!

I look forward to continuing work with you!