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Message From EXILE

Thank you for your constant warm support to EXILE and EXILE TRIBE all the time.

ÜSA made an announcement that he got married to Arisa Sugi whom he had been dating for a long time.

ÜSA has been carrying out activities as an EXILE member from the first generation of J SOUL BROTHERS era. We have been chasing our dreams together till this day and we are friends who share joys and sorrows. To me, he is like family.

I am happy that ÜSA got married and started a family. I wish him the best from the bottom of my heart.

In addition to EXILE's activities, ÜSA also wants to contribute to society through his favorite dance. With his own "DANCE EARTH" project he has been conveying the joy of dancing to children in Japan.
There were times when I myself also got support from ÜSA's activities.
He gives me courage and makes me feel very grateful!
ÜSA always shows the style of EXILE through his activities.
I genuinely respect his activities.

ÜSA is gentle and likes children very much. After having a family of his own, his world will spread more than ever and he will be able to present enriching entertainment. So I hope you could support the two of them in the future!

EXILE and EXILE TRIBE will continue to work together to deliver entertainment that can bring joys to you. Please keep on supporting us warmly in the future!