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Message From EXILE
◆from Keiji Kuroki
Thank you very much for constantly
supporting EXILE and EXILE TRIBE!

Earlier today, ÜSA made an announcement that he got married.

ÜSA is kind-hearted and always cares about the fans and people around him.
He has made a major life decision. I want to congratulate him with all my heart.

I already had been acquainted with ÜSA before I joined EXILE. He has been thinking about how to make people around him happy ever since then.

The family that ÜSA builds will be warm and happy. And, most importantly, his family will be filled with joy!

While bathing in happiness,
ÜSA will create new entertainment and bring a lot of smile to the fans!

As a member of EXILE, I myself will learn from ÜSA and
become an entertainer who can bring happiness to the fans!

ÜSA and Arisa,
congratulations on your marriage again!