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Message From EXILE
◆from Kenchi Tachibana
The weather is getting cold in October and we can feel the end of autumn now. How is everything going?

This month we are focusing on the rehearsals for our tour. Our tour will start in Kobe in 6 days! It is just around the corner! From now, we will start the final adjustment. Those who plan to come, please look forward to it!

A happy announcement has been made during this period!

Our member ÜSA got married! Congratulations!!

Several days ago, I appeared at DANCE EARTH FESTIVAL held by ÜSA and got to know his thoughts towards entertainment that he had for a long time. I became very excited about the future from that moment. ÜSA, a dancer and artist who opened new ways, met his lifetime partner. When I think he would challenge future activities under such stable conditions, I begin to have higher expectations on the future DANCE EARTH!! Be sure to build a happy family!

Congratulations on your marriage!!!