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Message From EXILE
◆from Toshio Matsumoto
congratulations on your marriage!!
I am so happy now
as if such a happy thing also happened to me!!
We met each other when I was 18, and since then
we have experienced various kinds of things together.
Sincere congratulations on my good friend's marriage!!
ÜSA and I
are good friends,
and members on the same group.
We share the same values and
I greatly admire ÜSA
who is just like my family member.
He is so important to me
that I cannot express my feelings in one word!!
I am so happy to see that
ÜSA has found
the greatest happiness in life!!
I am also deeply moved!!
Please bring
smiles to
your family members
and more people
with your happy aura!!
Sincere congratulations to you (^^)