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Message From EXILE
Hello everyone!


Thank you for your constant warm support!

ÜSA has announced
a very joyous news!

congratulations on your marriage!!!!!

has made history
from the first generation of J SOUL BROTHERS era
to EXILE era.
During that time, I also joined EXILE. As members on the same group and comrades sharing the same values (it may sound impudent though...), I spent a lot of time with him.
He is always kind and leads us forward with a peaceful and happy smile.
I am really grateful to him.

He is more passionate about dance and work than anyone else.
He is warmhearted and
always cares about his family and friends.
ÜSA is "kind" and "strong" at the same time.

Through his actions and activities,
he always shows us
"the style of EXILE" and
"men's way of life".

I like him from the bottom of my heart.
I respect him as a man!

ÜSA has gotten married.
He will build a happy family
with his loved one
and move forward towards his dreams.
I am so happy and excited for him.

In the future, I want to feel ÜSA's peaceful spirit
and the happy aura
while moving forward together in our lives as EXILE.
ÜSA!! Please take care of me in the future too!!

For those who are reading my message,
I hope for your warm support from now on!

Please let me take part in

ÜSA, congratulations on your marriage again!
May you be happy forever!