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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
November has begun.

How time flies. There are only 2 months left this year.
The first cold wind in Tokyo brought a sign of winter.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers' dome tour "UNKNOWN METROPOLIZ" is ongoing now. From today we will hold the Tokyo shows for 3 days and the Nagoya shows will come next week.

the finale "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 3 FINAL MISSION" will hit the big screen on November 11.

information about appearances on special music programs at the end of this year has started being unveiled.

These events will give you more chances to watch our performance, which makes me really happy. But at the same time, again I became aware that only with the support of surrounding people we can carry out activities. I will remember to be grateful and responsible which people tend to forget, and know my place.

The temperature is easy to change in this season. Be sure to keep warm.

I hope for your support this month too!