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Message From EXILE
Good evening! It was announced at 18:00 today that
EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE 2018 will be held soon.

Why would I carry out solo activities in the year when EXILE restarts its activities? I believe that many people have similar questions like this, so I would like to address the purpose of my solo activities here.

First of all, this solo concert is my solo TV program of TBS which was presented almost every year until 3 years ago. If you know about this, you might understand. Thinking about it, it has been 9 years since my first solo live was aired on TV in 2009. It is fair to say that TBS's TV program helped me with my solo activities... I want to make this TV program even bigger like a comeback festival of EXILE ATSUSHI who returned from abroad.

With the help of Kyocera Dome, a dream of mine has been realized this time. Here are my personal feelings. On Kyocera Dome Day 1 during my solo dome tour in 2016, my voice was in a poor condition. I put up with the discomfort and continued the concert. The audience knew about my condition and it was a bitter memory that I cannot forget. However, at the same time, I felt the support from my fans. I could not express how grateful I was with simple "thank you". I was so touched that I could not hold back my tears. This time, I can get my revenge without putting unnecessary pressure on myself (LOL) I hope that I could present "songs full of love" from the bottom of my heart to people who have been waiting for me.
Moreover, as for EXILE's activities next year, the first song for the comeback is now under production. Our awesome staff are working on various activities and trying to adjust the final plan. Detailed information will be announced soon. Please do not worry and look forward to it!
I am fired up now (LOL)
Thank you for reading till the end.