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Message From EXILE
Happy New Year!

will restart our activities
this year.

During the past two years,

each member has grown
in various fields
and refined their abilities.
In order to
use the power
accumulated as

the EXILE members
will gather together
in 2018.

The following news was announced on
LDH TV too.

■<NEW> Dome Tour "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018 'STAR OF WISH'" will be held!
EXILE will hold a dome tour 3 years after EXILE LIVE TOUR 2015 "AMAZING WORLD"!!

EXILE will present a new entertainment show with imagery themed on STAR!!

■<NEW> New song streaming project "EXILE FRIDAYS" will be carried out on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months!
New songs will be released on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months from February to July. These songs will only be available for download on music distribution websites!!
The first song to be released is "PARTY ALL NIGHT ~STAR OF WISH~" which is a vibrant party tune which will leave a deep impression of EXILE's return!

■<NEW> An original album will be released in summer!
EXILE will release an original album after 3 years!!
It is a new album linked with the dome tour EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018 "STAR OF WISH" which will raise your expectations for the dome tour!!

To make this year EXILE YEAR,
we will forge ahead
at full speed.

To make 2018 a splendid year and create memories together with you,

the whole team will unite as one and
show you EXILE spirit.
Please look forward to it!

In addition,

my personal theme
for 2018



I aspire to make EXILE more brilliant and
wish that a group that can open up
a brand new future!

As a core member of the group

as well as an individual, an actor and a performer...
I will carry out activities in various fields.
Information will be announced at any time.
Stick around for more info!

I hope from the bottom of my heart
that 2018 will be a wonderful year
for everyone!

Please keep on supporting us
this year!