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Message From EXILE
â—†from Alan Shirahama
Happy New Year!!!

How are you spending your New Year holidays?

you are having a nice time with your family, friends and loved ones.
I think that the New Year is an opportunity to meet people who we rarely meet and show them our gratitude.
It is also a good opportunity to talk about things that you never had the chance to talk about.

looking back at the past year,
GENERATIONS held our world tour
and our second arena tour
in 2017.
We performed in Japan as well as in overseas countries.
It has been a year when we were able to experience the cultures of many countries.

EXILE will restart their activities in 2018.
EXILE will hold a dome tour after 3 years and
GENERATIONS will also challenge a dome tour for the first time!!

I feel very excited to think that I will perform on the dome stages twice this year as a member of two different groups!!

Several days ago, I talked with a staff member who takes good care of us.
What he said gave me a deep impression:
Born in this era,
very few artists
can meet outstanding staff and
excellent members and
perform on the dome stage.
So you should perform
with pride in your heart!!

These words had a great influence on me!!!

I will make this year the most fulfilling one in my life so far.
I will make the most of what I have learned and
have a fruitful year as an artist!!

In 2018,
I will improve even more
as a performer, a DJ and an actor!!

Please keep on supporting me this year too!!!