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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
It's 2018 now.
New Year!

In 2017,
we challenged many things.
This year,
I hope we can
fully realize
what we have planned...

Therefore, I will
try my best and
concentrate on
various projects
in 2018
to show
the fans and other people
that LDH
always keeps its word.

what LDH
would be like
before 2020
and after 2020

I myself will also
get a fresh start and
and do my best. ^_^

I will keep going on.
Persistence is power.

I will aim to
making fans happy
and try to
create the best entertainment
under its guide.
Look forward to it ^_^

It seems
that many amazing plans
will be realized in 2018.

I hope
you can also have a happy 2018.