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Message From EXILE
â—†from Mandy Sekiguchi
Everyone on EXILE mobile,
Happy New Year!!
2017 is over and now it is 2018.
What kind of a year was 2017 for you?

If I have to sum up 2017 in one sentence, it was a very fulfilling year!
I met new people and
had more opportunities to challenge new things.
There have been happy and regretful moments.
It was a colorful year
with mixed feelings!

And this year,
in 2018,
GENERATIONS will hold a dome tour.
EXILE will hold a dome tour too.
It means I will participate in two dome tours in one year!!

How many people have had such an experience?
When I thought about that, again I realized that my current environment and my position are really "extraordinary".

"We are worried that participating in two dome tours in one year will affect your health."

Many people have said such thoughtful words to me.
I will be alright!!! Probably!!! LOL
Yes, I will definitely be alright.

I will start with building up my body
according to the tour schedule.
And this year,
in order to present performance in my own style on stage
with a smile on my face,
I will do my best!

EXILE will restart activities soon.
We have meetings frequently.
In order to present amazing entertainment,
we are making improvements through trial and error every day!!

I am still
a new member so
I will do my best on everything.
I am still not mature enough,
but please keep on supporting me in 2018!