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Message From EXILE
â—†from Taiki Sato
Happy New Year
to members of EXILE mobile!

After EXILE took a break from activities,
we promised to come back in 2018.
So the time has finally come!

I think both the EXILE members
and fans who
always support us
are looking forward to the coming of this year.

We are very sorry to have kept you waiting so long m(_ _)m

EXILE and other artist groups from LDH
announced their activities in 2018,
which can be called the year of EXILE,
on January 1.

You will definitely become very excited
just by checking out
the list of these activities.
In fact, there are still many things
that haven't been announced...

All in all,
EXILE will come back this year.

The members will combine
what they gained
in their group and solo activities together
and keep moving forward.
It's high time for us to present you
wonderful activities!

I myself,
will continue to work hard
and do my best
to bring you happiness
through my solo activities
and activities of EXILE and FANTASTICS!
Be sure to wait for our activities in 2018!

Please keep on supporting us this year!

Taiki Sato