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Message From EXILE
â—†from Sekai
Happy New Year!
Please support us as always this year.

Anyway, EXILE restarts activities in 2018.

Our first step is to release new songs.

Singles will be released on music distribution websites each month since February. Please look forward to it.

Our members also produced
"Lyric Video".
So wait for it too.

The 19-member EXILE will also release its original album after 3 years.

What's more...!

There will be a dome tour.
EXILE will hold an independent tour after 3 years.

This is my second time to participate in an independent tour. I am really looking forward to it.
I cannot wait to see our fans!
Various things happened to me in the past 3 years.
And a lot of things happened to our fans too, I believe.

Some of them made you happy or made you cry and some of them surprised or amused you. But in EXILE's tour, with our best performances deserving your 3-year waiting we will create a happiest place for you and EXILE.

EXILE will be really fired up this year.

In this tour, I will firmly stand in front of you as an member from EXILE. Please look forward to it.

"FANTASTICS' has not debuted yet, so the nine of us will lay a solid base and band together to move forward step by step.

My resolution
for this year
is "Believe in".

I will believe in my partners, myself as well as the road I am forging ahead on.
I will bear this in mind and never stop improving myself in 2018.

Please keep on support us this year.