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Message From EXILE
◆from Kenchi Tachibana
February starts from today! How time flies! The first month of 2018 has already gone. Do you have a wonderful start of 2018?

We EXILE THE SECOND will hold a live show at Saitama Super Arena today. Moreover, we will also go to Mie Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture this month!! We will do our best in our live shows!!

What's more, February 22 is EXILE THE SECOND Day, so we will release a new single "Acacia" on that day. The imagery of this song perfectly fits the current EXILE THE SECOND. Stay tuned!

EXILE FRIDAY will finally start tomorrow, February 2! "PARTY ALL NIGHT" which is the first single after EXILE's return will be released! Facing our dome tour which will start in autumn, we hope we can make you feel excitement starting from the release of this song!!

As for me, I will appear at Tsukiji Hon March on February 17 and share my thoughts about books and speak about TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE. Please be sure to come and let's have a nice time together!

Please support me as well this month!

Happy birthday to all people who were born in February ^_^
I wish you a wonderful year☆