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Message From EXILE
Hi everyone♪ It's ÜSA♪

We are in February now. The weather is still pretty cold.
Are you all right!?

I became 41today, February 2☆

I was very moved while reading your heartwarming messages for the whole day.

I will keep on dancing
as long as my body can move
and bear LOVE and PEACE in mind all the time.
I hope to bring happiness to the world
through dancing
and delight more people!

Please support me in the future.


EXILE's song "PARTY ALL NIGHT ~STAR OF WISH~" is available on music distribution websites from today. Its lyric video has been unveiled as well☆

A project in which new songs will be released on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months, "EXILE FRIDAY", finally starts!

Every month look forward to EXILE FRIDAY♪

Along with the release of new songs on music distribution websites, the EXILE members will also produce lyric videos for these songs.

AKIRA and SHOKICHI produced the first lyric video which goes well with the party tune of the song!
With impressive lyrics, this enjoyable video contains scenes of EXILE TRIBE's New Year Party which was held from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day as well as ATSUSHI's footage of New Year's Eve countdown in New York!

I appeared in it as well. LOL

Facing our dome tour, we EXILE will release more new songs. Please enjoy the songs and imagine the future show at the same time♪