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Message From EXILE
â—†from Kenchi Tachibana
Today is March 1.

I joined EXILE 9 years ago.

Time passed so fast and I gained a lot of precious experience which can be called treasure of my life.

As EXILE keeps making progress, both the group's form and members have been changed. However, I think the soul of EXILE which is also its root is growing stronger and stronger.

It is possibly becoming a thing that could be presented only by the passionate members' of different generations.

Objectively speaking, without EXILE, I would not become what I am now and the Japanese dance world may not be so prosperous either.

EXILE is really amazing... I have been thinking like that since the time I was merely their fan. (LOL)

While experiencing the happiness of being a member of such a great group, I also hope I can make contributions to EXILE. This idea becomes stronger and stronger as time goes by.

Thanks to EXILE, I can have such a positive thoughts and keep making progress.

I am very grateful for it.

Moreover, I hope I can present better entertainment in the future to all people who always support me!!

In the 10th year since I joined EXILE, EXILE will start to carry out activities again!!

There is no way I will not be excited!!

ATSUSHI held live shows in Osaka both yesterday and today and I think it is also a kind of destiny. This year, EXILE will "Inspire Japan" again! Please look forward to our activities!

Thank you very much for your warm support. Let's create a lot of wonderful memories together!

Please keep on supporting us!