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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
It has been March now!

As the seasons begin to change, new things are about to start soon. It is really an exciting period of time!

I am very happy that we can present songs to you in the project EXILE FRIDAY. Please be sure to look forward to the song we are going to present this month!
The production of Sandaime J Soul Brothers's LIVE DVD is also underway. Considering that we can deliver the largest tour in our history to all of you, I start to look forward to the coming of its release day!

The members are actively carrying out their own activities and I am also preparing for a project. Although sometimes I encounter difficulties and feel worried, things are still moving forward slowly but steadily.

I hope all of you can live your life to its fullest in March!
Please keep on supporting us this month!