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Message From EXILE
â—†from Taiki Sato
Hi everyone!
It's Taiki Sato!

Without my noticing... it is March now.
How time flies!

Every time I update "Message from EXILE",
I feel that time passes so fast. LOL

Let me tell you something
about what I did in recent days.

Facing the next activity of FANTASTICS,
all the members did rehearsals every day.
We rehearsed together and had meals together.
I can even say that
"the member met each other every day in these days".
We spent time together every day.

I am focusing on my personal activities.
There are several things
which I want to tell you ASAP!

Tomorrow, the 2nd song "Melody"
will be released.
180301blog photo

Its lyric video is also
cool and wonderful.
Please check out this part as well.

please always be full of energy
in this month!

There is another Hinamatsuri (Girls' Day) this month. LOL

light on
paper lamps together.

Taiki Sato