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Message From EXILE
Seven years has passed since that day... Just seven years...

While fighting the wounds of their hearts that cannot be healed, the disaster-affected people still have to move forward. It is impossible for me to feel how people in the disaster-affected areas feel, and the problems in the disaster-affected areas are also changing.
They have to deal with the problems of decommissioned nuclear reactors, removing debris as well as building breakwater. Problems are heading for the next stage, but the fear of that day may remain in the minds of the affected people forever. What can we do to help them forget the horror that is so hard to get rid of...
Maybe I can only light up 1 millimeter or even 0.1 millimeter of the darkness. However, I still hope from the bottom of my heart that I could become a singer who can support you with my songs. I will keep on bringing you warmth and gentleness in the future.

Most importantly, I pray from the bottom of my heart for the people who passed away that day.