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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
Seven years has passed
since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I want to offer my condolences to
all the disaster-affected people.

In the meantime,
I express my sincere respect to
all the people who are working hard to
rebuild the disaster-affected areas
and support the reconstruction of
the Tohoku area.

With "Inspire Japan" as the theme,
LDH has been carrying out activities
in order to contribute to
the reconstruction of the disaster-affected areas.

Centered on
which was opened
in the Tohoku area last year,
we offered Dream Extracurricular Lecture.
While meeting people
in the Tohoku area,
we want to give energy and vitality to them.

LDH will always remember
the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We believe in the power of entertainment.
We will go all out to carry out activities in the future
to inspire Japan.
Please support us in the future!