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Message From EXILE
â—†from Taiki Sato
How time flies this year!
April has come without my noticing.... So fast!

This is a season of encounters and farewells!
A new semester and a new life have started.
Many people are in a new environment.

I love new life
very much!

Everything is new
which makes me really happy.
Pens, notebooks and bags
are all changed into new ones.
That's great! LOL

Speaking of April,
first comes the EXILE FRIDAY!!

A new song called "My Star"
will be released this Friday.

Its lyric video
was made by Keiji.

I have watched it.
...It's really wonderful.
The imagery of the lyric video
matches well with
that of the song.
So romantic!

Stay tuned!

will start
our Musha Shugyo
from April 14.

In order to let more people
know us,
the members will band together.
We will take a bus and present our performance across Japan.

The performance schedule has been published on the official homepage.


Come and enjoy it!

I hope you can
have a great time
and be energetic this month.

Taiki Sato