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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
It is April now and the first half of April is about to pass.

I suppose many people have started a new life. The changing environment and seasons bring people more things to think about.

Recently, I have been carrying out activities as a member of EXILE / Sandaime J Soul Brothers / and solo artist and I am looking forward to the forthcoming events in 2018 and in the future. I live every day to its fullest.
I wrote a blog about recent events several days ago.

We pass by different people and have farewells as well as encounters. Therefore, we need to treasure each moment. I start to have such thoughts in spring which is an important season to me.

I will spend every day with no regret.


Sandaime J Soul Brothers'
new album

I talk with members and staff every day in order to present the works you all can enjoy. I deeply understand that everything including viewers' understanding should not be taken for granted, so I will attend activities this month with this idea in mind.

I hope you can stay healthy during the season change.
Please support us this month!