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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
I think
many people
started their new life
or welcomed new environment in April.
And there are a lot of people
who are working hard at this turning point.

We only live once,
so please cherish every day
as well as each encounter......
Please work hard
for your dreams (^^)

In April,
LDH is

LDH artists
are carrying out activities energetically
in order to realize their dreams.
They are really dependable!

As for me,
after we adopted a new system,
my work has evolved
and I am busier
than before...

I will work hard
in April
to make LDH
loved by
more fans!!

because of my busy schedule,
I even forgot to update this message.
Now, my memory is
as poor as an old man's,
which really made me shocked.

It's time
for me
to clear my mind...
I am very busy,
I will still do my best to improve my concentration.
I want to be full of fighting spirits again
and become as energetic as young people!!

The theme of LDH this year is
"Persistence is power."
I will keep on working hard
in order to implement this idea
and to put forward
new ideas!!

Please also stick to
LDH's theme
"Persistence is power."
and start
your new life
meaningfully (^^)


It is a new start for us!
Let's work hard together (^^)