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Message From EXILE
As it was announced today, that

EXILE's new song
"My Star"

which was released on April 6
has been chosen as
the theme song for
the Japanese version of
the movie "ONLY THE BRAVE".

It is the first time
for EXILE to perform a movie's theme song
in about 8 years.
I am so happy about that!

This year is a memorable year,
because EXILE restarted the activities,
so I feel very happy
to be also a part of
such a great movie.

"My Star"
was released as
the 3rd single of the "EXILE FRIDAY" project.
It is EXILE's first classic ballad
in a long time.

The melody is
beautiful and touching.
Be sure to pay attention to the song when you watch the movie.

is a project started in February
in which EXILE release new songs
on the first Friday of each month.
The lyric videos of these songs
are all produced
by the members.

The 1st single
is a party tune that raised the curtain of EXILE's return.
It is linked with our dome tour "STAR OF WISH"
and its lyric video was produced by SHOKICHI and me.


The 2nd single
is a refreshing song full of EXILE's style.
In spring when people are starting all over in their lives,
this song conveys a support message to people who are moving forward on their roads.
Its lyric video was produced by NAOTO, Alan and Mandy.


The 3rd single
"My Star"
has been chosen as the theme song for the movie "ONLY THE BRAVE".
It is also one of EXILE's classic ballads.
It is an everlasting love ballad present by EXILE
which is themed upon the promise of eternal love under the shining stars.
Its lyric video was produced by KEIJI.


The project will last till July.
These songs
will be included in our album
we will perform them on the dome tour.
I hope that
you get excited on the 1st Friday of each month
because of the EXILE FRIDAY project.

2018 is
EXILE's comeback year.

Let's enjoy it
to its fullest together!