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Message From EXILE
It was announced today that

EXILE FRIDAY's 4th song
"Turn Back Time feat.FANTASTICS"

would be released

on May 4 (Fri.).

In this song, "EXILE"
collaborated with "FANTASTICS"
which is a new LDH group called Jr,EXILE.

It is a cheer song for all people who are pursuing their dreams.

I also hope this song can bring power to FANTASTICS's performer Shota Nakao.
As one of our important friends, he is working hard to realize his dreams and fighting against disease at the same time.

Such wishes are included in this song.

With such wishes,
TAKAHIRO wrote the lyrics,
and ATSUSHI broaden them further.
Together with FANTASTICS's vocalists Yusei Yagi and Sota Nakajima,
they sang this song and connected wishes from everyone.

The lyric video produced by TAKAHIRO

features all the EXILE TRIBE members' support messages to Shota Nakao!

Shota is now fighting against his disease.
It is an important period for him.

Being supported by the FANTASTICS members
and LDH staff members,
he is working hard to move forward towards his bright future.

I hope this song can bring him power and courage...

Apart from for Shota,

this is also a cheer song
for all people
who are pursuing their dreams.

I hope I can present this song

to more people.

Be sure to check it out!
"Turn Back Time feat.FANTASTICS" Special Page

As our dome tour
and the release of a new album
in this summer are approaching,
the project "EXILE FRIDAY"
is becoming more and more exciting!!

We will spare no efforts to make EXILE come back in 2018 with our wonderful teamwork!!


EXILE's new members Takanori Iwata, Alan Shirahama, Mandy Sekiguchi, Sekai and Taiki Sato
joined EXILE on this day 4 years ago,
which means 4 years have passed since the start of Chapter 4.

I think it is a wonderful coincidence
to convey you this message
on such a nice
memorable day.

EXILE's fans
who always
support us warmly.

Thank you very much.