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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
It's May now.

In this season, fresh green could be seen everywhere and the weather is also getting warmer and warmer. I think people who just began their new life may have already started to move forward at their own pace as they got used to it.

We EXILE also held meetings for the release of our new single and the holding of our tour. We are working hard to get ourselves fully prepared! I think we will definitely present wonderful shows!

The members of Sandaime J Soul Brothers also appear on more TV programs and magazines before the release of the new album "FUTURE" in June. I hope we can present this album to you as early as possible.

In group activities, I should keep my own aspiration in mind. At the same time, my personal activities also present the dreams of the groups.
It's not easy to view things objectively. Therefore, things that we are objectively aware of will have a great impact on us.

Please always stay healthy and safe.
Be sure to support us this month.