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Message From EXILE
a feature-length
documentary film
about Toshiro Mifune,

will be shown at Yurakucho Subaru-za
and movie theaters around the country
from today, May 12 (Sat.).

I serve as
the narrator of
this documentary film!

Keanu Reeves is the narrator
of the English version.

I like
Toshiro Mifune
as an actor
as well as a man.

I feel greatly honored
from the bottom of my heart
to be a part of
this documentary
which shows
his "life" and "samurai spirit".

Both movie master
Steven Spielberg

and Martin Scorsese
whom I worked with
on the film "Silence"
loved to work with Toshiro Mifune.

He is also loved by
world-renowned film industry workers
and celebrities in the Japanese film industry.

He is loved by a lot of people
who work in the film industry.
Toshiro Mifune
has become a unique being.

He is like the sea,
calm, open, gentle
but sometimes turbulent...

This documentary
tells his way of living and his life story.

I want to become an actor like Toshiro Mifune
who is brought back to life
in this documentary.
It is a film that inspires me to say so.

In addition to
those who love Toshiro Mifune's films,

all people can enjoy this film
regardless of age and gender
and find something touching in it!

I hope you could watch it
in a theater near you!!