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Message From EXILE
◆from Kenchi Tachibana
It's June now! EXILE FRIDAY arrived again after a month. Our new song "Awakening" is now available for download. ATSUSHI wrote the lyrics for this song and it has been selected as the theme song for TBS World Cup Telecast in 2018! It is another song that shows EXILE's support for Japan national football team since "VICTORY". The lyric video contains scenes of children who are chasing the football at the futsal tournament "EXILE CUP". Along with EXILE's song, we could feel hope! I hope this song could give a boost to the WORLD CUP!!

And most importantly...

Today is HIRO's birthday!!

He built the history of J Soul Brothers and EXILE and opened a way for younger generations. Now he still does his best to keep LDH full of creativity.

He is always attentive to LDH artists and staff and shows a lot of love to us. EXILE will return this year and I will work together with HIRO and other members!!

Happy birthday!!!

We are getting ready for the upcoming activities in June. I will focus my efforts every day.
Please support me this month too!

Happy birthday to everyone who was born in June☆I wish you a wonderful year (≧∀≦)