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Message From EXILE
â—†from Naoki Kobayashi
June has arrived.

There are only 6 months left in this year by the end of this month. Time passes in the blink of an eye, so I want to cherish every minute.

Our new song "Awakening" has been selected as the theme song for TBS World Cup Telecast. It is also a song showing support for futsal tournament "EXILE CUP" aimed at elementary school students.

This song is in line with EXILE's style and supports people who want to make bold challenges. The lyrics about football give people courage.
"Awakening", "Rising Sun" and "NEW HORIZON" are the same type of songs.

By the way, Sandaime J Soul Brothers' new album "FUTURE" will be released on June 6.
The deluxe edition is a 3-in-1 set containing solo albums of vocalists Tosaka and Imaichi. The album also comes with the documentary movie "SEVEN / 7". Be sure to get it!

As for me personally,
I am working on the movie "The Earthquake Bird" the information of which was unveiled a few days ago and every day is very fulfilling. I have made new discoveries and experienced some regretful things. During that process, I felt the importance of moving forward step by step with no rashness.
Acting is my lifework. I will focus my efforts and keep on working hard.

As seasons change, it is getting warmer. Please take care!

Please support me this month too!