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Message From EXILE
â—†from EXILE HIRO
June 1 has come!
I am afraid that
I am on the way to completely becoming an old-man.
Although I am a little bit confused,
I will still do my best
to create more chances for the young generation
with the pride of my generation.
I hope we can make more achievements
in the entertainment industry.

I was very happy
to receive
warm messages
from so many fans!
Thank you very much!

I will turn the energy
I gained from you
into my power
and keep on
challenging various kinds of things
with "challenger's heart".
With the strong belief in my mind,
I want to convey the passion of LDH
to not only Japan but also the whole world!

In order to let more people
realize their dreams,
I will concentrate on
improving myself every day
as usual.
Please keep on
supporting us in the future!
Thank you
very much (^^)