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Takanori Iwata -Last Winter We Parted-

The movie "Last Winter We Parted"
starring Takanori Iwata
will be released nationwide on 3/10 (Sat.)!!

Deemed impossible for movie adaptation, the most beautiful suspense masterpiece "Last Winter We Parted" by Akutagawa Prize winner Fuminori Nakamura will be made into a movie!
As Fuminori Nakamura's first challenge in the field of suspense novel, this greatest work of his career earned him wide fame.
While depicting the ultimate "love" deeply hidden inside human beings, a story unpredictably develops at a tremendous speed.

The leading character Kyosuke Yakumo is played by Takanori Iwata.
Takanori Iwata plays an energetic young reporter who investigates a mysterious burn case involving beautiful blind women and unconsciously runs into a bigger mystery while investigating the truth.
Mizuki Yamamoto plays Yakumo's fiancée Yuriko Matsuda. Kazuki Kitamura plays Yoshiki Kobayashi, the editor of a weekly magazine who suggests Yakumo doing the case report. The convict and Yakumo's interviewee is a world-notch photographer named Yudai Kiharazaka played by Takumi Saito. Yudai's elder sister Akari Kiharazaka who gives unprincipled protection to him is played by Reina Asami.

The theme song is presented by m-flo who restarted their activities with former vocalist LISA after 15 years!
Their comeback work is a "ballad" about fleeting love which goes well with the image of the movie!


Though the wedding ceremony is around the corner, the energetic young reporter Kyosuke Yakumo aim to publish the book about... the untraceable case, involving the blind beauties and the suspect Yudai Kiharazaka who is a genius photographer. As Yakumo gets closer to the truth, he draws into the depths he cannot escape...


Takanori Iwata
Mizuki Yamamoto
Takumi Saito
Reina Asami
Kazuki Kitamura


Tomoyuki Takimoto


Tetsuya Oishi


Koji Ueno


Fuminori Nakamura "Last Winter We Parted" (Gentosha Bunko)

Photo Book to be released on March 1 (Thu.)
Movie cards coming with bonus & movie cards coming with Loppi limited goods
Information about appearances on programs and in magazines

Takanori Iwata's Comment

~Honest reaction to the cast invitation for this film~

This is really an awesome invitation which is hard to get. It is the first time I encountered a work with such profound feelings. It poses a challenge to my acting skills, but I agreed to this offer because it is a great opportunity to improve myself. It is a challenging, but at the same time a rewarding task and I feel that I have to bet my all to play this role. I will be absorbed in shooting for sure.

~Honest reaction to characters in first-time script reading~

All characters have dual personalities. Varied emotions can be found in this work with complicated plots you cannot figure out if you do not read further. I play Kyosuke Yakumo, the storyteller who is fighting with emotional trauma. I am much pressured during the shooting because I must keep getting into this meaningful character. Or it would be impossible to present a good work.

~What kind of work would you like to make with director Takimoto and the cast? And what is the thing you expect the most~

This is my first-time working with director Takimoto. I have seen all the works he created up until now and the most impressive thing for me is that his every movie has a message and deeply touches the heart. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of movie director Takimoto will film this time.
And I'm also looking forward to co-starring with such a great cast. We cast and all staff will work hard together to deliver the overwhelming impact of the original novel.

~Message to all fans who are looking forward to this movie~

This movie will bring you brand new images of the cast. Playing this role is a great challenge for me.
I will play with great passion as hot as this summer heat to create a work that everyone can enjoy. Stay tuned for its release in spring next year.

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