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Photo book of the movie Last Winter We Parted starring Takanori Iwata

Photo book of
the movie "Last Winter We Parted"
starring Takanori Iwata
will be released on 3/1 (Thu.)!

The movie "Last Winter We Parted" starring Takanori Iwata will be shown nationwide from 3/10 (Sat.).
Before its release, a photo book consisting of film stills and backstage photos will be sold!

You can see Iwata's tender expressions in scenes with Mizuki Yamamoto who plays his fiancée Yuriko, his look of concentration when he is thinking about someone and angry expressions in scenes with Takumi Saito who plays Kiharazaka. His emotions of joy, anger, grief and happiness are fully captured in this photo book which will make you fall in love with Iwata. The tension and excitement of the movie has been compiled in this photo book!
It is a special photo book containing exclusive film stills and backstage photos!

Be sure to check it out!!

Release Date

3/1 (Thu.)


¥730 (tax not included)


Bunko edition / Soft cover
Full color / 208 pages


Gentosha Inc.