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Marmalade Boy

Taiki Sato will appear in
the movie "Marmalade Boy"
which will be shown nationwide from 4/27 (Fri.)!!

Trailer has been unveiled!!

Taiki Sato will appear in the movie "Marmalade Boy" which will be shown nationwide from 4/27 (Fri.)!

Taiki Sato plays Ginta Suo who is an ace of school tennis team and the classmate of the heroine Miki.
Miki used to have a crush on Ginta and he feels the same way about Miki.
Miki's parents decided to swap spouses with another couple. The other couple had a son named Yuu, and they all moved into a large house to live together. Ginta's secret love for Miki starts to waver...
Ginta is a character who has equal shares of popularity as Yuu. 【If you suddenly have to live under the same roof with a boy, who will you choose to fall in love with? Will you choose Yuu who is cool and gentle or Ginta who loves you with his heart and soul...!?】 There has been such a heated argument among the fans.
This movie depicts a romantic love triangle which is the key theme of girl's comic!

  • The manga was serialized in Shueisha's girl manga magazine "Ribon" and had sold a total of more than 10 million copies. Now Wataru Yoshizumi's popular manga "Marmalade Boy" will be made into a live action movie!
    There was a TV anime adaptation (76 episodes in total), an anime movie and a Taiwanese live action TV series based on the manga. This girl's manga which has long been talked about will be made into a live action movie.
    The serialization is over, but the comic book (5 volumes in total) remains a best seller and enjoys an enduring popularity. Currently, the sequel "Marmalade Boy little" which depicts stories happen 13 years after "Marmalade Boy" is being serialized in Shueisha's "Cocohana".
    It is a <hit girl's manga> popular all over the world and loved by fans of all ages.

  • Marmalade Boy is a love story featuring high school students Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura after they find themselves in the strange situation of living under the same roof.
    One day, high school girl Miki is told by her parents that they are getting a divorce. Her parents met the Matsuura couple on a trip to Hawaii and get along with them really well. Miki's mother falls in love with Mr. Matsuura while Miki's father falls in love with Mrs. Matsuura. So they decide to switch partners and marry again!
    The Matsuura couple has a son named Yuu who is the same age as Miki, and they all move into a large house to live together....
    So Miki and Yuu start to live under the same roof.
    "You two are family members, so you cannot fall in love with each other!" Though reminded by their mothers, they gradually find themselves slowly falling for each other...
    The ending of their love story that fascinates all girl's manga fans awaits you!

  • Taiki Sato

    Because the original work is loved by so many people, I was worried if I could play the character Ginta well. But supported by the director and people around me, I was able to play my part to the best of my ability.
    Ginta is a straightforward, loyal and passionate sportsman. Director Hiroki told me: "You can play Taiki, just the real you." His words left a deep impression on me. Sakurai always takes the initiative to make conversations. I felt her strong desire of creating an amazing movie. She is really an excellent actress. Yoshizawa and I are rivals in the movie. However, we practiced again and again on the filming site when we were free. We got along well in private life too. We sometimes had meal and went to hot springs together. It is great that Yoshizawa could play my rival!
    I hope that fans of the original work as well as movie lovers will come to see this movie!

Cast / Character

Hinako Sakurai / Miki Koishikawa
Ryo Yoshizawa / Yuu Matsuura
Taiki Sato / Ginta Suo


Hinako Sakurai
Ryo Yoshizawa
Taiki Sato
Michitaka Tsutsui
Shosuke Tanihara
Rei Dan
Miho Nakayama


Wataru Yoshizumi "Marmalade Boy" (Shueisha Bunko <Comic Version>)


Ryuichi Hiroki


Taeko Asano


Hiroko Sebu



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