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Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-

"Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-",
part 2 of the CINEMA FIGHTERS project,
will be released nationwide
from 6/22 (Fri.)!!

<-CINEMA FIGHTERS project-> is a project combining poetry, music and image. The latest work "Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-", featuring 6 short films based on 6 poems, will be shown on Asia's largest international short film festival "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia" [Abbreviated name: SSFF & ASIA / Event period: 6/4 (Mon.) ~ 6/24 (Sun.)] which is accredited by the Academy Awards. SSFF & ASIA will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and the 6 short films will be shown nationwide from 6/22 (Fri.)!

6 songs inspired by 6 poems are performed by 6 groups of artists from LDH, including EXILE TAKAHIRO, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, JAY'ED & Reina Washio, DANCE EARTH PARTY and DEEP. 6 directors show their imagery of the songs respectively!

The thoughts of main characters appearing in 6 short films are condensed into "6 drops of tears". Music and stories are well combined to move all viewers.
In the trailer, the main characters strongly miss the important people who are not by their side and they make unremitting efforts to protect the things important to them. The strong feelings of all characters who endeavor to live their life are presented to you in this touching work!
You can also see these characters who have their own worries and secrets on posters. This work presents you a dramatic stories brought by a star-studded lineup of artists!

Release celebration stage greeting event
Trailer has been unveiled!!



Director & scriptwriter: Daishi Matsunaga
Original song / Theme song: "Canaria" by EXILE TAKAHIRO
Cast: TAKAHIRO, Kaho, Haruki Takano, Shinya Tsukamoto

  • Early in the morning, golden rays shine from the sky. Iwao Takahashi (Shinya Tsukamoto) starts taking care of the cows as usual in the cowshed. Ryo (TAKAHIRO) arrives late. Iwao says to him: "It's OK if you don't come." Ryo does not reply but helps Iwao silently.
    After work, the loud mooing of cows from another cowshed reaches the container where the two are staying at. As it turns out, a cow is about to give birth. Out of curiosity, they go there to take a closer look. There, they see Kaede (Kaho) looking at the cow. Ryo wants to say hello at first, but decides not to in the end.
    After that, Ryo gets into a fight with Iwao due to him taking action by himself. Ryo cannot find an outlet for his emotions, so he wanders around on deserted streets alone.
    Returning to the ranch with a hammer in his hand, Ryo walks to the cow which Kaede was looking at during the day...

  • It is the first time for me to work with director Matsunaga on this film. It is like the path I walked from the start of my acting career and my life as a human being are fully shown in this work.
    How to show my experience in front of the camera? The director adjusted my attitude towards the film and fulfilled my potential on the role. I feel that I am finally standing at the start point as an actor. In the short period of time of a "short film", through the acting and images you should convey to viewers not only the content of the story but also additional time and memories, events, etc. which are not shown in the film. And that is difficult.
    But precisely because it is difficult I think that it is a challenge and a real thrill. And because of the limited time, sadness, warmth and regret can be expressed in a more intense way. I think this is the charm of short films.
    I will keep on doing my best so that I can participate in this project again in the future.


Director & scriptwriter: Yuya Ishii
Original song / Theme song: "Tokyo" by Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE
Cast: Takanori Iwata, Sosuke Ikematsu, Koki Maeda, Tateto Serizawa, Takuya Okane, Karen Miyama, Hiroko Isayama, Kumiko Asou,

  • In 2041, a mysterious funky group appears in a corner of Tokyo and they suddenly start to dance. However, the leader "Brother Junji" doesn't want to dance and is in low spirits on this day. He has a dream which hasn't been changed since he was a child. He always wants to "meet his deceased mother". On the his mother's 30th death anniversary, the members from this funky group start to take actions for Junji. Then, a miracle happens...

  • This is the first time for me to work with director Yuya Ishii who is a very creative person. His talent and creativity are shown in the script. When I watched this movie for the first time after its completion, I found that the imagery which cannot be easily imagined at the filming site is conveyed in this movie.
    Although I think the song "Tokyo" is about "broken heart" from females' point of view, talented director Yuya Ishii's inspiration that he gained after listening to this song helped him to create such a wonderful work with a unique imagery. I think you will also have the same feeling after you watch this film. It is rare to see such a unique work whose theme song has a clear contrast with its imagery. I hope you can enjoy this rare contrast when you watch this unique film.


Director & scriptwriter: Momoko Ando
Original song / Theme song: "Nanimo kamo ga Setsunai" by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
Cast: Alan Shirahama, Akari Kinoshita, Sumi Hayashi, Eiji Okuda

  • The signs of another world war cover the entire world. A lonely young soldier Hikaru Anzumi from Self-Defense Forces is selected for a special mission. In order to stop a battle, he heads for a remote place with a major general called Yamazaki. Having the key point of this mission, Hikaru stands on an isolated observation tower on the beautiful beach which is their holy land. Looking at the sea, Hikaru begins to think about his former lover Chika.
    One day, an old woman appears in front of Hikaru. From her words "the beginning of the end", what kind of truth awaits Hikaru? What the future has in store for them...?


Director & scriptwriter: Isamu Hirabayashi
Original song / Theme song: "Ano Ko no Trunk" by DANCE EARTH PARTY
Cast: Anna Ishii, Nonoka Yamaguchi, Nozomi Bando, Akaji Maro, Mariko Tsutsui, Yusuke Hirayama, Naoto Nojima

  • A deep valley. A raging river is rushing and roaring through the valley.
    An is walking aimlessly as if she just escaped from someone.
    Feeling exhausted, An sees people on the opposite shore and wants to seek help, but she feels that those two people are "different from her".
    Hana and Ten who are on the other side think that An is "different from them", so they try to communicate with An by using body language.
    An, Hana and Ten want to fully understand each other and admit the existence of each other, so they continue their communication.

Our Birthday

Director & scriptwriter: Yuki Saito
Original song / Theme song: "How about your love?" by JAY'ED & Reina Washio
Cast: Sho Aoyagi, Aimi Satsukawa, Randy Jackson, Sei Ashina, Kimiko Yo

  • So Togura is a successful young president who starts a business with a friend whom he met when studying in the United States. One day, he encounters Rika who has the same birthday as him. He believes their encounter is fate and they are attracted to each other. The two decide to get married on their birthday, but Rika suddenly leaves him. Due to the feeling of loss because of losing Rika, So shuts his heart. On his birthday of the following year, he refuses all invitations and returns home alone. In his apartment which is supposed to be unlighted, he sees Rika in the room which is illuminated by candles. On their birthday, So promises that he will always love Rika. However...

Genkou no Hate

Director & scriptwriter: Tsukasa Kishimoto
Original song / Theme song: "Baby Shine" by DEEP
Cast: Kenjiro Yamashita, Eriko Nakamura, Yuuki Oshiro, Masaya Kato

  • Fisherman Yoshiya hires inexperienced Hanada to work with him. One day, when Hanada is concerned about a broken surfboard placed on the boat, Yoshiya suddenly drives the boat away and says he has seen a shark. Feeling suspicious, Hanada asks Yoshiya: "Was there really a shark?" Yet Yoshiya turns a cold shoulder to him. A few days later, Yoshiya's fisherman friend Kaoru invites them to go see the whales, during which Yoshiya says he saw the shark again. He keeps pursuing the shadow of the fish despite the confusion of Hanada and Kaoru.

  • The last CINEMA FIGHTERS films featured songs created by lyricist Masato Odake. The films are based on existing songs of LDH artists such as EXILE and 6 directors turned the stories into films.
    This time, part 2 of the project also gathered talented directors. All films are based on new and undisclosed songs which Odake created for "CINEMA FIGHTERS".
    Is it possible that we can enjoy the songs in tandem with the films created by the directors who got inspirations from the world view of the lyrics? I am excited when thinking about it.
    Through this "CINEMA FIGHTERS" project, collaboration between "music" that we are good at and "films" created by great directors can be realized. A new entertainment will be born and a "place" where various people can fulfill their dreams will be created... That's my idea.
    New encounters are born from "CINEMA FIGHTERS" where many people are involved. I think that we can create entertainment that fans will enjoy, so please look forward to part 2 of the CINEMA FIGHTERS project!

  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) will welcome its 20th anniversary this year.
    I am very happy for showing you "Utamonogatari" of the CINEMA FIGHTERS project in its 2nd year.
    I hope more people can enjoy these great works presented by directors and cast members who participate in this project as FIGHTERS.
    I hope I can "leave footprints and guide future filmmakers" in this project.
    Thus, the music and the films are made in new forms to reach our goal---
    I suppose, cooperation with movies instead of music videos can create brand new genres and values.
    Movies can cross borders, languages and races. They can bring dreams and sensation to people all over the world.
    The memories come back again along with the lyrics. The scenery, the brightness and the warmth from the memories lead us to new stories. Stay tuned for "Utamonogatari".

Release Date

To be screened nationwide from 6/22 (Fri.)
after its premiere at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Executive producer


Project producer

Tetsuya Bessho

Concept producer

Masato Odake