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Please confirm the following FAQ firstly before you ask a question.

*When do you get GEKKAN EXILE?

*What is the deadline(The specific date)?

*What is the deadline? When can you receive it?

*I want to cancel the purchase...

*I want to add the purchase...

*Input errors of the address and name

*Input errors of the address and name

*Do you apply for it two times using different names by one mobile phone?

*What can we do when we encounter the situation of moving?

*I want to confirm whether my application is correct or not.

*Where is the publisher?What about the size of it? Where is the distributing company?

*I want to relief the subscription half-way?

*For GEKKAN EXILE's inquiry except the above, please consult by the following contact information.
(weekday 10:00~18:00)

*If you ask questions by mobile phone which refuses to receive the mails from a PC, you will not get the answers. When you ask a question, please relief the limitation of the mails from a PC or receive mails by setting "ldh-m.co.jp"'s domain.

If you do not get answers (Except weekends and holidays) after you asked the questions in 3 days, it may be because you can not send mails. Under this condition, please call the customer service center for inquiry. "0570-064477(Weekday 10:00~18:00)" and ask a question again.