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【Nonoka Yamaguchi】Hulu original story "Hotel on the Brink! ~Today's Guest is Naoya Ukai~" is on air amid popular acclaim!!

Hulu original story
"Hotel on the Brink! ~Today's Guest is Naoya Ukai~"
featuring Takanori Iwata, Kenjiro Yamashita and Nonoka Yamaguchi
will be broadcast exclusively on Hulu after the final episode that was aired on 6/17 (Sun.)!!

Ukai who has disappeared
will return to "HOTEL GRANDE INVERSAO" again as a "customer"!!

rises from the ashes and again becomes a top hotel.
However, Ukai who was a leading figure of this "miracle revolution"
disappears again after that...
Where did Ukai go...
What awaits the hotel...?

It has been months since Deputy Manager Ukai (Takanori Iwata) left "HOTEL GRANDE INVERSAO" which went through a perfect rebirth after his handling. Staff members led by Manager Sana (Erika Toda) are busy making preparations for a festival. At that time, new Deputy Manager Tokisada (Ikkei Watanabe) brings surprising news. Ukai has booked a room on the day of the festival! Sana and staff members are highly motivated to hold an event that will make Ukai happy. However, the day before the event new employee Kasaya (Kenjiro Yamashita) accidentally breaks the prize for customers when no one is around... And to everyone's surprise, Ukai checks in to the hotel ahead of time...!

【Broadcast Schedule】
Episode 1…After the end of the final episode on 6/17 (Sun.)
Episode 2…6/24 (Sun.)

Takanori Iwata
Erika Toda
Minami Hamabe
Tomoya Nakamura
Chad Mullane
Daichi Saeki
Kenjiro Yamashita
Nonoka Yamaguchi
Kosuke Suzuki
Mari Nishio
Daisuke Miyagawa
Ikkei Watanabe

【Takanori Iwata's Comment】
The story aired on Hulu is a sequel to the final episode broadcast on terrestrial television.
Ukai checks in to "HOTEL GRANDE INVERSAO" as one of its customers.
The two new employees (Kenjiro Yamashita and Nonoka Yamaguchi) who appeared in the final episode also presented excellent performance. Don't miss out!

【Hulu original story "Hotel on the Brink! ~Today's Guest is Naoya Ukai~" Official Website】

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