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【Nozomi Bando】~★Trailer and soundtrack unveiled★~ Appearance in the movie "Rainbow Days" to be shown nationwide from 7/6 (Fri.)!

Reo Sano plays his first lead role!
Nozomi Bando also appears!
The movie "Rainbow Days"
will be shown nationwide from 7/6/2018 (Fri.)!!

Nozomi Bando will appear in the movie "Rainbow Days" to be screened nationwide from 7/6 (Fri.)!

It is a youth story about the "friendship" and "love" of clumsy and noisy high school boys!!

Nozomi Bando plays "Chiba" who is a classmate of 4 boys and active in a ballet club.
This girl will warmly protect these 4 boys' friendship and love, have fun together with them and give them her advice. Nozomi Bando will freely play such a kind girl!

【Message from Nozomi Bando】
There are many characters with distinct personalities and I play Chiba who is also one of them.
She is the leader of the girl ballet club, but at the same time she gets along well with boys. I strongly feel that she is a kind girl who can perfectly maintain her balance.
I spared no effort to play this role!
Centered on the days these 4 boys spend together, this movie also presents their life to us. I think student life is so great!
During the filming, I felt as if I really came back to my schooldays! I learned a lot and it is really wonderful that I can play in this movie!
Though I am a little nervous, I am still looking forward to the completion of this movie!

Details will be updated at any time. Stick around for more info!


Youth is a special period of time that is given to you at a special stage of your life.
Even if it looks like every day is the same, in reality none of them are the same.
Each day you laugh, cry and fight with your friends is shining various bright colors... Those are the "Rainbow Days".

"Natcchan (Natsuki Hashiba)" is a pure, energetic and cute boy. "Mattsun (Tomoya Matsunaga)" is a playboy and fools around with a lot of girls. "Tsuyopon (Tsuyoshi Naoe)" is a top student and an otaku who does things at his own pace. "Kei-chan (Keiichi Katakura)" appears as cheerful, but he actually harbors sadistic fetishes.
Despite the huge differences in personalities and interests, the four high school boys are close friends and always hang out together.
They have spent silly, noisy and happy days together. However, Natcchan who is maturing late in romance starts to have an unrequited crush on his schoolmate Anna. What will happen to the four boys' everyday life...?!

Reo Sano (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE), Taishi Nakagawa, Mahiro Takasugi and Ryusei Yokohama,
Ai Yoshikawa, Yuri Tsunematsu, Mayu Hotta, Nozomi Bando (E-girls / Flower)
Yuki Yamada, Kenichi Takitoh

【Ending Song】
◆Kenji Furuya
"Wonder Last"

【Background Music】
"Niji", "Baumkuchen"

◆Mao Abe
"17 Sai no Uta"


"your song"

Ken Iizuka "Arakawa Under the Bridge THE MOVIE", "Otona Drop"

Minami Mizuno "Rainbow Days" (Published by Shueisha Margaret Comics)

Rika Nezu "Kimi ni Todoke" / Ken Iizuka

Shochiku Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd.

【Project Planning & Distribution】
Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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©2018 "Rainbow Days" Production Committee ©Minami Mizuno / Shueisha

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