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【Kaede and Harumi Sato appear!!】A new commercial for KOSE's "FASIO" has been unveiled!


A new commercial for KOSE's "FASIO" with Kaede and Harumi Sato as the face of the product was unveiled today!

They use the new product "FASIO Powerful Curl Mascara EX (Long)" to be released on 1/16 (Tue.) and are amazed at its function and the secret of its brush. Under such a setting, the two girls have a harmonious conversation in this commercial.

The commercial version of E-girls' new song "Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta" has been used as the commercial song♪

The new commercial "FASIO Maybe I don't need eyelash extensions" will be aired from 1/22 (Mon.)!

Stay tuned!

Click here to watch the new commercial

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