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【E.G.F.C. × EXILE TRIBE CARD Project】Invitation to the backstage event after the end of "E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~" show!


E.G.F.C. members who have LDH official credit card "EXILE TRIBE CARD" will have the chance to be invited to the backstage event which will be held after the end of "E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~" show!
Please confirm the details and notice below and then make an application!!

【Designated Shows】
June 30 (Sat.) Fukuoka: MARINEMESSE FUKUOKA
July 1 (Sun.) Fukuoka: MARINEMESSE FUKUOKA
*For each day, we will invite 8 people in 4 groups.
*The information about applications for shows after Hiroshima show will be announced once finalized.

【Eligible Participants】
・E.G.F.C. members themselves who have EXILE TRIBE CARD
・Those who spent more than 70,000 yen (tax included) in total on EXILE TRIBE CARD within the specified period of time
*The applicant should be the main holder of EXILE TRIBE CARD. Supplementary card holders cannot apply.
*Money spent by the supplementary card holder and the main cardholder can be summed up to enter the lottery.
*Winners can bring only one companion to participate in the backstage event. (The winners can also choose to participate in this event alone.)
*The companions do not have to be a member of E.G.F.C. or EXILE TRIBE CARD holders.
*There is no age limit for the companions, so anyone is considered as a companion regardless of age.
*Please refrain from reselling or transferring your right of winning. Once you are caught engaging in such acts, your right will be considered null and invalid.

【Payments made by credit card during the following period will be counted】
Fukuoka show and Niigata show: December 16, 2017 ~ May 15, 2018

【Information about the lottery】
Based on the money spent within the specified period of time, EXILE TRIBE CARD Executive Office will automatically calculate the number of applicants and carry out the lottery.
*You can make one application by spending 70,000 yen (tax included).
*Money spent during the specified period of time is subject to the calculation, regardless of the stores you spent the money at.
*For spending record, please visit member page of each credit card company ("MyJCB" or "Vpass").
*If you have more than one EXILE TRIBE CARD, please make sure to mark the brand of the credit card on the application form.
*People with more than one EXILE TRIBE CARD can make more than one application. Please be advised that money spent on different credit cards cannot be summed up.
*You can win the invitation only once during the same tour.

【Advance entry for winners and their companions】
We will inform only winners about the entry time and location.
*Winners should come to the venue together with their companion and finish the procedures for advance entry.
*Please remember that failure to come to the venue within the specified time for advance entry nullifies the winner's right to participate.

【Required items for advance entry】
We will check everyone's ID at the venue on the day of the event, so be sure to take the following 3 items with you.
(1) E.G.F.C. Membership Card
▼Those who have not yet received their E.G.F.C. Membership Card and those who have lost it can take the old E-girls FAMILY Membership Card or show the notification email of your membership number (show the screen or take a printout). You can also find your membership number on "MY PAGE".
(3) Winning email sent to the winners
▼Those who received the winning email on PC will have to bring a printout of it.
(4) Photo ID for identity verification (The companion also needs to bring a photo ID.)

▼Information about ID▼
In principle, customers should bring a photo ID. In case you do not have one, please bring an insurance certificate or a residence certificate which can be used to confirm your name and address.
*A photocopy or picture of your ID will be invalid. Please be sure to bring your original ID.
→ If you have a photo ID (Only 1 ID is required.)
Driver's license, passport, basic resident register card, student's ID card, etc. (only IDs that can be used to confirm your photo and address)
→ If you do not have a photo ID (2 IDs are required.)
Insurance certificate, residence certificate, banking cards, credit cards, etc.
*Please be advised that we might check several IDs depending on circumstances.

・Please be advised that this event is not the same one as the bonus "backstage event" for purchasing the music cards. However they will be carried out during the same period of time, so customers cannot participate in both.
・People who do not have the tickets for the show can still participate in the event. However, tickets will be needed for those who want to view the on-stage performances.
・Customers will have to bear the transportation and accommodation charges of the event day by themselves.
・Backstage event will be held once the performance ends. Customers who win this prize may not be able to finish watching the show until the end in order to prepare to enter backstage. Besides, depending on the progress of the event, it will take some time to guide winners to the backstage. Please be advised that we will not be held responsible for your return trip home, so make sure to check the schedule of the transportation facilities (time of the last train) in advance.
・Two photos including the photo for companion will be sent to the winner afterwards. Please be advised that the photos could be sent at a later date, when all the shows of the tour will end.
・Please refrain from posting commemorative photos to SNS sites or other websites.
・Please remember that failure to come to the specified assembly place at the specified time nullifies the winner's right to participate.
・While we guide you to the backstage event, we may check your belongings briefly or use metal detectors to search your body. We ask for your full cooperation on this matter.
・Commemorative photo will be taken only once without any do-overs. And also, it is prohibited to give presents to the artists, shake hands with them, hug them or ask them to pose for the picture.
・Staff will guide the participants in pairs and take the commemorative photos for them. When two persons participate in the event, they have to take a photo together. It is prohibited to take photos separately.
・Please be advised that the event itself may be canceled depending on circumstances. In such cases, please be informed that there is no backup in lieu of the cancelled schedule.
・Please be advised that some members could be absent from the event depending on circumstances.
・Please follow the instructions of the staff at the venue in order to keep the event going smoothly. Staff members may touch your shoulder or arm while guiding you to the venue.
・The event may be terminated or postponed due to natural disasters, performers' unavailability due to health concerns or accidents, traffic problem, venue equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, we will not honor any requests for compensation of traffic or accommodation expenses.
・You cannot participate in the event if you arrive later than the assembly time regardless of reasons such as natural disasters or traffic problems.
・Due to the time limit or delays at the venue, the event may end earlier than scheduled.
・We may take various necessary measures to prevent accidents and disorder on the event day.
・People who have chronic diseases or who are in need of special medical equipment should bear in mind that there are no special medical facilities at the venue of the event.
・Please refrain from making inquiries about the event to the venues.
・We will do everything we can to manage the event under safe conditions, such as arranging security in the venue. Please report any suspicious individuals or suspicious objects to the staff at the venue.
・Customers are responsible for their own valuables throughout the duration of event.
・We may take various necessary measures to prevent accidents and disorder on the event day.
・Presents and fan letters from customers will not be accepted at the photography venue.
・If you are caught doing the following "prohibited actions", or is deemed to be unsuitable to join the event by the sponsor, you may be refused entry into the event.

Customers who are not sure if they can come that day or those who are just curious are prohibited to make applications.
Please make an application if you will definitely participate in the event.
Moreover, those who cancel after the application is done and those who fail to come that day will not be able to participate in future ticket lotteries, events, program viewings, etc.. Please make sure you abide by this rule.

Please acknowledge the above items beforehand and then make an application.

【How to apply】
Please make an application on the website below.

Please fill in all required information and apply through the following application form.
*One person can make one application only.
*You cannot participate in the lottery in case there is missing or incorrect information.
*Duplicate application is invalid.
*We will not answer inquiries about lottery results.

【Application Deadline】
Fukuoka show and Niigata show: June 21, 2018 (Thu.) 10:00

【Notification of Winning】
Only the winners will receive a winning email from E.G.F.C. (fan club) no later than 18:00 on June 27 (Wed.).
Also, winners need to reply to the fan club before the deadline stated in the email. Winning will be invalid if we do not receive a reply by the due date. Please understand that beforehand.
*We will not answer inquiries about lottery results.
*Please be advised that cancellation will not be accommodated after winning.

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