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【E-girls】Those who spend more than 1,111 yen on "E.G. 11" tour good will receive a silver tape on a first come, first served basis on 7/7 (Sat.)!!

The Niigata show of "E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~" will be held on 7/7 (Sat.) which is the day of Tanabata Festival when Orihime and Hikoboshi meet once a year.

In celebration of the Tanabata Festival, on 7/7 (Sat.), purchases associated with "11" made at
★The merchandise sales booth in TOKI MESSE NIIGATA CONVENTION CENTER and
will be rewarded a present. Those who spend more than 1,111 yen on "E.G. 11" tour good with a single payment will receive a silver tape with E-girls members' messages on a first come, first served basis!

The messages were specially written for the silver tape. Please take this opportunity to get this rare item!!

Make sure you get one♪

【Designate Product】
All the tour goods of E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~

*Eligible customers are those who make a purchase in EXILE TRIBE STATION ONLINE STORE from 00:00 to 23:59 on 7/7 (Sat.).
*One present will be given away for each payment and each order you make.
*You can also purchase products of other categories when making an order, but the present will not be given to you if the amount you spend on "E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~" tour goods does not reach 1,111 yen. Thank you for your understanding.
*Separated payments cannot be added into one. Please confirm the content before making an order.
*Please be advised that shipping fee and commission fee are not included in the 1,111 yen.
*E-girls capsules at the concert venue are not included in this promo.
*The presents are handed out on a first come, first served basis and they are only available while supplies last.
Please be advised that when you purchase the tour goods online, if the silver tape runs out of stock, it will not be sent to you together with the purchased products.

▼Click here for details of the tour goods▼

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